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HT: More shows from home coming this month

Joel Pierson | H-T Columnist

December 6, 2020


Over at Cardinal Stage, they’re putting together a family-friendly cabaret, presenting holiday-themed songs and stories over four nights, with artists including Coen Berin, Amanda Biggs, Frankie Bolda, Jocylon Evans, Janie Gordon, Scott Hogsed, James Rose, Ian Shaw, Katie Swaney and Marcela Weltsek-Medina. Each performance will be hosted by a different team of artists, and attendees have the chance to interact with each other and the hosts via chat throughout the show.


Rather than Zoom, the cabaret will stream live on the Crowdcast platform. An internet-based program, Crowdcast can be streamed to your living room TV, making it more comfortable for the family to watch together.


And because a show should have a concession stand, Cardinal is partnering with Two Sticks Bakery for a special deal on a box of cookies, available for pickup at the bakery the day of your performance.