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HT: “Flat Stanley” Preview

A Play for Kids and a Play for Grownups Coming to the Waldron



Two very different plays are coming to town this week.


The first is presented specifically with kids in mind. Cardinal Stage’s children’s series presents “The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley,” based on the popular children’s book by Jeff Brown. Stanley Lambchop is an ordinary 10-year-old until one night, his bulletin board falls on top of him, and he’s killed horribly! The end. No, I’m kidding. Wouldn’t that just be awful?


The actual, if less medically plausible, outcome is that the next morning, Stanley wakes up flat! Bidding his family good-bye, he travels the world to find a solution to his sudden-onset two-dimensionality. Having limited funds as a child, he determines the most affordable way to travel is by being placed in a large envelope and mailed from place to place.

We follow him from California to France to Hawaii, watching his encounters with new friends. The child in your family (or, let’s be honest, in you) should have a fine time at this musical adventure story.


Director Samantha Joy Pearlman said putting together such an imaginative story for kids and their parents to enjoy has been rewarding. Creating what might be a young audience member’s first theater experience is not a responsibility she takes for granted.


“I have been having a blast putting together ‘The Adventures of Flat Stanley’ at Cardinal Stage,” she said in an email. “I came to Cardinal to helm a production that is both entertaining for the children and the parents, and we’ve really created just that. My cast, all local, is extraordinarily talented; we’ve been laughing so much in rehearsal that it doesn’t feel like work at all! Cole Winston, my Stanley, is a sophomore at IU, and I was lucky to find him here in Bloomington, with the help of Kate Galvin, the extraordinary artistic director of Cardinal Stage. Cole’s childlike enthusiasm for storytelling and music is infectious, and you won’t want to miss how we ‘flatten’ him with a little bit of theater magic created by my set and costume designer Christopher Rhoton.”

Also at the Waldron, but on a much more grown-up note, Jewish Theatre of Bloomington is beginning their 2019 season with “Cherry Docs” by David Gow. Featuring a cast of just two actors, Christopher Crider-Plonka and Jonathan Golembiecki, the play tells a complex and multifaceted story of hatred, bigotry and guaranteed civil rights. For more information, visit the Jewish Theatre of Bloomington.