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HT: Cardinal Stage’s theatrical teaching workshop series returns

Connie Shakalis | Herald-Times

November 7, 2022


Cardinal Stage’s Theatrical Teaching workshop series returns on Nov. 13, and this time it is highlighting empathy and resilience, important for social development. Presenters will add fun by sharing theater-based activities, and educators who take part will be eligible for professional growth points.

The series features online workshops for primary and secondary school educators from all disciplines. Participants will learn to share the stage, listen to other members and add to the activities’ outcomes. For instance, what does it mean to “make it”?

“All too often teachers impose their sense of success upon a student whether that be based in a consumerism sense of material wealth or a success based upon service to others or some combination thereof,” said Gustave Weltsek, instructor. “Always critically question what you and others mean by what it means to succeed.”

He explained that theater can provide people a way to explore what “success” means to them individually. He concentrates on helping students explore their sense of self.

“You cannot create a character who is alive and multidimensional or even a breathing caricature if you do not first have a sense of who you are and what you believe,” he said.

In his classes, he encourages risk and release of the social filter. “That, however, comes only after we get real about how ideas and words hurt and do affect the way the world unfolds.”

Teaching people how to succeed in general, he said, involves working with them to understand they are individuals. He uses theater strategies as ways to encourage self-reflection.

This is how he directs: “Who (are) the artists in the room? What do they believe and how do they see the world? Who is the student in the room? How are they seeing and experiencing and acting upon the world?”

WHAT: Cardinal Stage’s theatrical teaching workshop series: “Empathy & Resilience”

WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-noon Nov. 13

TICKETS: Suggested donation of $5-$10 to cover speaker fees. Tickets and more info at https://cardinalstage.org.