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HT: BAFT offers new programs

Sept 27, 2020

The Bloomington Academy of Film and Theatre is introducing a new series of programs called BAFT Studios.


Participants get to work in front of and behind the camera, in projects designed to bring together both aspiring and accomplished film and theater artists in a professional studio environment. Sessions last seven to eight weeks and are led by Byron Wolter and Logan Hunter, with the goal of creating short films from start to finish.


The first collaborative short film project is underway. Filmmakers are learning to operate high-end equipment and practice industry-standard techniques such as storyboarding, script analysis and on-set rehearsal. Actors prepare alongside filmmakers in roles written specifically for them. Throughout the project, filmmakers and actors will work with BAFT professionals to edit the film, which will be released by BAFT and submitted to film festivals for distribution.


Subsequent projects will have films focused around a specific theme. October’s will be horror themed (as a tribute to 2020, no doubt). November and December’s themes will revolve around the holidays.


Byron Wolter shared, “BAFT Studios is a springboard for anyone wanting to jump-start their career in film, whether that be in writing, filmmaking, acting or editing. We are planning to roll these films out to be seen by as many people as possible.”


Logan Hunter added, “This project is very exciting for so many reasons. First and foremost, it is an opportunity to make a film. Yes, it’s a minimal-budget short film, but it’s a film. It’s such a great opportunity to exercise our creative muscles and keep the creative juices flowing. Putting any film together, feature length or even a short, is a huge endeavor, and this program works as a repeatable platform in which we can work on multiple projects at the same time and get a finished product in a matter of weeks. It is also a fantastic resource for anyone trying to gain real-life experience on set as a crew member or a cast member.”


Screenwriter Brandie Spencer had this to say: “BAFT Studios is a collaborative environment, and I’m excited by all the possibilities. You can’t get this experience in a book or from a website. You learn by doing and creating with a team of people, building a community of other filmmakers, writers and actors. In the writers’ room, you’ll perform various roles and write a script with your staff. To see your work read by actors is an exhilarating experience. Everyone at BAFT is so supportive and encouraging.”


For registration and more information please visit www.thebaft.org.